Commercial Building Feasibility Studies and Planning

In the feasibility Study / Planning phase PRO will assist you and your operations team to ensure the project gets the right amount of focus. PRO’s experience with both design and construction keep us knowledgeable in the following areas:

Master Building Planning

  • What do you really need (land and building)?
  • How can you best use the property / facility you have
  • Where should you locate?
  • When to start the process?

Building Requirements Planning

  • Who needs to sit where or near whom (adjacencies)?
  • How much space should each person need to perform their job?
  • What special requirements are needed in the building?

Local Building Requirements Verification

  • How much of my property can I build on?
  • Where on my property can I locate the new building?
  • How many driveways can I build?
  • Are there any specific materials I have to use (brick, stone, glass, stucco)?
  • How long will it take to get started on construction?

Construction Funding Sources Options

  • All costs paid from operating capital
  • Owner secures loan from Bank or Lending organization
  • Owner obtains a loan form the Small Business Administration